Thursday, July 8, 2010

Butler's Pantry and Butterfly Meadow Patterns In Stock!

In stock and available for immediate sale Butler's Pantry and Butterfly Meadow flatware sets by Lenox. Butler's Pantry the discontinued flatware pattern by Lenox that coordinates perfectly with their Butler's Pantry Dinner Pattern, is available in 20 piece sets in limited quantities. The beautiful and original Butterfly Meadow pattern flatware with the delicate butterfly on each piece is also in stock.

Why Lenox has chosen to discontinue these very popular patterns is beyond me. This policy of dropping patterns after just a few years of popularity is perplexing. With this type of policy in effect, it makes it difficult to keep up. We all lose pieces of flatware over the years and need to expand our sets. We buy Lenox for the quality and the company, believing that they will continue to support their popular patterns. Who wants mis matched flatware in their chests? Who wants to reinvest in flatware after just a few years?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Lenox is still a good choice for flatware

I still have a few select pieces in my inventory. But, for the most part, I no longer carry Lenox in my stores. It's not because of I don't want to. I simply have lost my source for these beautiful and long lasting flatware pieces. The acquisitions and internal changes at Lenox have left me without a reliable source. I still carry a wide variety of giftware items and home items. Lenox flatware is just not one of them.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Practical and Appropriate for Any Occasion

Today's lifesytle is different than it was 10 years, 20 years ago and definitely 50 years ago. When making china and flatware choices, today's young bride and groom are looking for something that fits their lifestyle. Rather than formal and elaborate, they're looking for a casual yet elegant style that will do as well for everyday meals as entertaining their friends and family.
The days of the fine china and silver gathering dust in the cabinet seem to be over. Instead first time purchasers of tableware seem to be opting for something in between. Absolutely necessary is the feature dishwasher safe. Who wants to stand over the sink hand washing dishes or polishing silver? Microwave, Oven safe and chip resistant porcelain designs, although more expensive than stoneware, will truly last a lifetime and are proving to be this seasons number one choice.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flatware Buying Tips


Sterling Silver
Traditionally used in formal dining, sterling silverware can also be used every day to transform any meal into a special occasion. Composed of more than 90% silver, this valuable flatware is beautiful.

Pros... it's absolutely beautiful and impressive

Cons... it's hard to keep that shine without hours of polishing

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel flatware is far and beyond the most popular choice. It is composed of a variety of iron alloys. The common designations 18/10, 18/8 and 18/0 refer to the percentages of chrome and nickel in the alloy. The first number refers to the percentage of chrome, added for durability and greater resistance to corrosion. The second number refers to the percentage of nickel, used to give flatware a soft sheen similar to silver. So, when stainless steel flatware is referred to as 18/10, it has 18% chrome and 10% nickel. Hard-wearing and luminous, this is considered the highest quality stainless steel, followed by 18/8 and 18/0.

Pros... It's easy to care for. If of good quality, it will be tarnish free and
beautiful for many years. Choose your pattern and the number of
settings carefully. If you purchase a high quality set like Lenox or
Yamazaki you will have this set for many years to come.

Cons... I can't think of one.


It all in how it feels when you hold it. In a good piece of flatware the weight will feel comfortable and well balanced.

Hollow handled
Made in three distinct pieces, hollow handled flatware offers excellent balance and a lightweight feel.

These handles are produced when a pattern is stamped onto a single piece of metal.

This flatware is heated then struck to produce simple, clean patterns. Similar to stamped handled flatware, forged pieces are comprised of one piece and have a heavier feel.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lenox Flatware

Lenox is a wonderful addition to your dining table. With a multitude of patterns available, you are sure to find the pattern that best suits your style.

Shown to the left is Lenox Opal Innocence dessert server. In stock!

Lenox patterns available in stock: Butler's Pantry, Butler's Gourmet, Bellina, Bead, Metropolitan, Butterfly Meadow, Mosaico De Italia, Tribeca, Opal Innocence.

Why pay retail?

Like myself, there are many online sellers of home goods online. All of my Lenox flatware sets are brand new in their boxes. Although my offerings are small, there are many online sellers who do the same. Customer Service is key with me. I guarantee all of my listings to be exactly as stated, new with no flaws. These are not seconds. They are offered to you at discounted pricing.

Lenox patterns available in stock: Butler's Pantry, Butler's Gourmet, Bellina, Bead, Metropolitan, Butterfly Meadow, Mosaico De Italia, Tribeca, Opal Innocence.

Why Lenox?

Lenox is good quality. That should say it all right there. These flatware pieces are perfectly balanced and the weight is just right. The quality difference is apparent by just picking one of these pieces up to take a bite of that delicious treat. They are built to last. Truly dishwasher safe, Lenox flatware will last a lifetime.

Lenox patterns available in stock: Butler's Pantry, Butler's Gourmet, Bellina, Bead, Metropolitan, Butterfly Meadow, Mosaico De Italia, Tribeca, Opal Innocence.